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Our farm got "Suolo e salute" certification for the organic productions and holds the 

"Compliance certificate"


Suolo e Salute is a monitoring and certifying organization for food farming and nature.

This certification is related to "Suolo e salute" organization, born in 1969, that experimented in Italy for the first time the mineral-organic method, starting the idea of organic agriculture.



Summary of Organic agriculture in Puglia

Our region, Puglia has 145.698 hectares cultivated and over 5600 farms that practice organic agriculture. In the last years over 2000 farms started to applicate the organic method. At the same time there is a 81 percent increase of organic product consumption and of everything related to this sector like farms, restaurant, etc. The organic method is related to every agrarian sector: Olives (44%), cereals(26%), forage(24%), fruit (5%) and others(6%).


Quality certification


In 2015 Puglia Conserve achieved the BRC and IFS certifications to keep the production quality, the product traceability and the food safety.


BRC Global Standards - Issue 7



IFS FOOD - Version 6



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